There comes a time in life when the stars align with our origins. And it is then that we see the world through the eyes of our cuisine and the roots of our heritage: Benidoleig.


As Valencians, we find ourselves at a moment in history where we truly value our local dishes: “muntanyeta” rice, octopus with cardoons (artichoke thistles) and chickpeas, “capellans”, corn “cocas” or oven-baked rice cooked in a wood-fired oven.


Childhood Sundays with rice dishes prepared outdoors at the family’s countryside cottage, mesmerized by the burning wood fire and, of course, the bar, our favourite social network.


And so mare. is born, a project designed to restore the love and appreciation of Valencian gastronomy from its base in Benidoleig. And this has evolved digitally into @suculentgilabert.


Mare arrives, recovery and love of Valencian cuisine from Benidoleig.


Josefina, Robert & Suculent Gilabert

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